Placed in the ‘Global 100’ list, Elvan was included within the Turquality Brand Support Program

Elvan Gıda, which was able to enter the “Global 100” list that was prepared by Candy Industry with the purpose to list the Best Confectionery Companies Worldwide, was included within the scope of Turquality Brand Support. Exporting to 130 countries, Elvan’s export turnover objective for the year 2023 is 1 billion dollars…

Having its foundations laid in 1952 with a candy store and now able to export to 130 countries, Elvan Gıda was selected as one of the companies to be included within the scope of Turquality Brand Support program after a preliminary assessment conducted by the Ministry of Finance and Ernst & Young (EY) Consultancy Firm. Elvan Gıda, which was able to enter the “Global 100” list that was prepared by Candy Industry magazine with the purpose to list the Best Confectionery Companies Worldwide, is currently the leading company of the Elvan Corporate Group. Conducting its activities through 5 factories within Turkey and 3 factories overseas, Elvan Group carries out approximately 150 million dollars of export and provides employment opportunities for 2000 people. 


Elvan, which acquires 90 percent of its turnover from export activities, has been granted with a Research and Development Center Certificate with a decision taken during the meeting of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Evaluation and Monitoring Commission on 27.09.2012. Therefore, it has become the first in the sector to establish a Research and Development Center and continues to implement projects that would increase the added value through innovative products. Producing a wide range of products from candy to jelly, from cakes to wafer, Elvan also develops collaborative projects with the universities. During the new term, it plans to focus its investments on building its brand.


Elvan Corporate Group Hidayet Kadiroğlu announced their 2023 export objective as 1 billion dollars and indicated the following as the means to reach this objective: “With the Research and Development Center, we produce value added products and with brand investments we take the steps that would improve the reputation of the products. Since as the reputation of a product or a brand is improved, this will yield high revenues in return. We may earn more income through less export volume. In Turkey the value of 1 kilogram of export is around 1,46 dollars. In Germany, which has an economy that is comprised of acknowledged brands, this value is 4.1 dollars, which is more than twice our value… In the event that Turkey acquires the same export portfolio as Germany, even if we continue with the same amount of export, meaning 90 million tons, this would provide more than 350 billion dollars, which is exactly what we need… In fact, that is why becoming a part of the Turquality Brand Support program is so important to us.” 

Notes to the editor:

Elvan Gıda, which is the leading company of Elvan Corporate Group and the winner of the second place award in the export volume of the sector, has gone one more step up according to the data provided by Istanbul Exporter’s Unions and was granted the prize for the second prize within its own sector in terms of export volumes.  

Ascended 35 places in the Turkish rankings: Elvan Gıda was placed in 164th place within the list prepared by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly in relation to the “First 1000 Exporters” of Turkey by ascending 35 places in the list.