Turkey Introduces Intelligence Club Workshop in Africa

Elvan Intelligence Club (“EZK” in Turkish), launched its first international workshop in the African country of Cameroon. Ömer Faruk Doğan, the Ambassador of Turkey to Cameroon in his opening remarks for the workshop which has a rich variety of intelligence club materials mainly Tangram and the Intelligence Club, that with this project, Elvan Group was the first company which introduced the first social responsibility project in Cameroon”. The opening found a wide coverage in the national media. 6 Ministers in Cameroon hosted Elvan representatives, commending them on this initiative.

Elvan Intelligence Club (EZK), which is a first in the corporate world in Turkey, opened its first international workshop in Cameroon. Cooperating with the Chantal Biya Foundation, patroned by Chantal Biya, wife of the President of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya, EZK established the Elvan Intelligence in the educational institutions in Cameroon affiliated with this Foundation. The opening of the workshop, which was set up in one of the schools affiliated with the Foundation based in the capital city of Yaunde, saw the participation of Ambassador Ömer Faruk Doğan as well as Intersweet General Manager Davut Kaya, Intersweet Africa Manager Mesut Altun, Cameroon Education Assistant Minister and the city protocol members including the Mayor of Yaunde. The various intelligence materials such as Tangram and Intelligence was enthusiastically received by the Cameroonese children.


During the ribbon cutting ceremony, Ambassador Doğan stated that this project makes Elvan Group the first company to provide a social responsibility project in Cameroon. The Ambassador who stressed the strong significance and meaning of the project, and celebrated Intersweet General Manager Davut Kaya on this undertaking, expressed that he is ready to support the successful progression of the project.


The opening ceremony found a wide coverage in many national media sources, led by the Cameroon National Radio and TV Corporation (CRT). With this recognition, the prominent ministers of the Cameroon cabinet hosted Elvan Team in their offices and commended them. These ministers who expressed their admiration for this project, in addition to high level bureaucrats, were:

  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Social Works
  • Minister of Industry and Trade
  • Minister of Health


The most meaningful hostess of the program was Rosette Marie Mboutchouang, the mother of the First Lady Chantal Biya. Mboutchouang who hosted the Elvan group on Sunday despite her old age and medical problems, told the group that the President Paul Biya also was highly interested in the opening and the agenda. Ms. Mboutchouang’s assistant explained before the visit that despite the country’s traditions which does not host guests on Sundays, which is a recreational Day, the mother wanted to see you because of the importance of the cause.  Intersweet General Manager thanked her for accepting the group on a Sunday, Ms. Mboutchouang was very emotional and just said “I do not know what to say for what you have done”.


Elvan Group led by the Intersweet General Manager Davut Kaya informed the ministers about the Elvan Group and the project, discussing new agenda items as well. During these meetings, Davut Kaya pointed out to the motto of the Elvan Group “Every society and individual is smart. The important thing is to improve it”, explained that the 60% of the smartness comes from the family and the rest is affected by the social environment, which means that the 40% can either be improved or blunted. “As a company, we have taken on the mission of improving this 40% and therefore set up the Intelligence Club. Now we are happy to take this mission to a country in Africa. In the coming days, we will see its various reflections in Cameroon and the other countries with which we trade”. At the end of the meetings, Davut Kaya presented a gift to each minister for their care and sincere interest


On the last day of the visit, Elvan team attended the World AIDS Day Awareness Raising Activity which was also atrended by the sponsoring Chantal Biya Foundation. During the program, the Turkish team met with Catherine Bakang Mbock, the Minister of Social Works. The female minister listened to the remarks by the team, which she saw on the media, after which she requested a special meeting. She invited the team to her office on Monday at 8:30. Catherine Bakang Mbock, who is said to be the permanent minister of the Cameroon government, stressed that she is ready to contribute to the project to the best of her capacity. She also gave her private phone number, as an indicator of her determination and willingness to maintain contact.


Elvan, which was founded in a candy shop in 1952 turned into a conglomerate with an annual turnover of about 150 million dollars, 90% of which belongs to exports.

Elvan which recently established the first R&D Center in its sector and have undertaken a large cooperation with the Istanbul Technical University, set a model in the Turkish corporate world with the first-ever intelligence club, Elvan Intelligence Club. The company which employs about 2 thousand people, started by administrating a IQ diagnostic-intelligence test to the 5-7 year old children of its own employees. It has taken on as its mission to improve the capacity of the mind through intelligences. It opened its first international workshop in Cameroon.